East Central Farm Stewardship Collaborative (ECFSC)

The ECFSC is a collaborative network of regionally-active organizations across east central Ontario that work together to support on-farm stewardship in the region. Each organization brings unique skills and resources to the collaborative, contributing to our joint ability to offer funding and technical assistance for farmers and landowners engaged in farm stewardship work. 

Since 2010, the Collaborative has:

  • Contributed funding and technical assistance to over 200 on-farm projects
  • Engaged more than 150 farm families
  • Hosted 4 day-long Farm Stewardship workshops for farmers

 If your farm is within the region of east central Ontario we may be able to help you too!

We encourage all farms to complete a free Environmental Farm Plan, which will help you assess environmental risks on your farm, and ways to reduce them. It is an excellent gateway to the funding programs and services offered by the members of the Collaborative. 

We invite you to look through our Projects page to see a sampling of things our members can help you with, and then to submit a project proposal form through the "Apply Now" button. Your Proposal will be forwarded to a member who will contact you.

  In 2011, the ECFSC was awarded the Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence: