Two Spaces Open Up for Beekeeping Mentorship

Farms at Work Beekeeping Mentorship Program

Calling All New and Aspiring Beekeepers!

A couple of last-minute spots have opened up in the FAW Beekeeping Mentorship Program! Whether you've been keeping bees for a few years, or are just starting out with your first hives, this curriculum-based program will connect you with an experienced mentor and guide you through the hallmarks of the beekeeping season. 

From late-April to mid-September, mentees attend five field days at the bee yard and honey house of the mentor to participate in activities, field work, and hands-on projects integral to the beekeeping season. Between field days, mentees will each enjoy up to 4 hours of individual mentor support (by email or telephone), for those times during the season when questions or problems arise.

This year the program will be led by long-time beekeeper, Bryan Shanks of B & L Honey Farm (near Uxbridge, ON). Bryan will expose mentees to time-honoured approaches to hive health and preventative maintenance, honey production and value-added products, the business of beekeeping, as well as valuable resources and important regulations.   

If you are looking for an experienced mentor to help you increase your skills and confidence in the bee yard, and to develop meaningful ties to the community of beekeepers in the region, then the FAW Beekeeping Mentorship may be just the program you're looking for!

Applications are available on our website, and if you'd like more info, feel free to contact our office:  |  (705) 743-7671