Mentorship Programs

On-farm Mentorships

FAW Mentorships are curriculum-based, multi-day training programs in which expert farmers and trainers work with small groups of mentees throughout a farming season. Each program allows for the efficient transfer of commodity-specific knowledge in the following areas: 

  • On-farm production systems
  • Practical skills and techniques
  • Business planning
  • Financial management

Check out this article in Inside Belleville to read what our mentees had to say about the programs we offer: "New mentoring program teaches the essentials of maple syrup production".

Current Mentorship Opportunities

Beekeeping Mentorship Program  |  Full for 2016

Sheep Farming Mentorship Program  |  Full for 2016

Maple Syrup Production Mentorship Program  |  2016 Registration Opening This Summer

We are hard at work developing other immersive, hands-on mentorship programs, so check back soon!

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