FAW Launches Brand New Farm Mentorship Programs

Registration Now Open!

New farmers now have more options for hands-on training in east central Ontario, thanks to our roster of four on-farm mentorship programs. Following the growing season, participants work and learn alongside farmer-mentors in the fields of beekeeping, sheep farming, maple syrup production, and pasture management. 

Since 2013, we've offered our Beekeeping Mentorship for apiarists eager to increase their confidence in the bee yard. In 2014, we launched our Sheep Farming Mentorship, aimed at helping novice shepherds develop their flock handling skills. Both programs are set to begin in April this year. 

For 2015, we're excited to announce the launch of two new mentorship programs: pasture management, and maple syrup production. Each has been designed by long-time producers with beginners in mind, and will feature plenty of hands-on learning, complemented by one-on-one mentor support. 

Beginning in April, the Pasture Management Mentorship will focus on thought-intensive management, with the goal of exploring design opportunities for post-oil farming. Starting in October, the Maple Syrup Production Mentorship will expose mentees to forest management, woodlot and production facilities, as well as successful marketing strategies and value-added production. 

For each of the mentorships, participants will attend five field days on the host farm to participate in projects and field work relevant to the growing season. With class sizes between six and eight mentees, a central feature of all the programs is small group learning and collaboration, with a focus on building ties to the farming community. 

If you are looking to increase your skills and confidence under the guidance of an experienced farming mentor, Farms at Work’s On-Farm Mentorship Programs may be for you.  For more information, please visit farmsatwork.ca/mentorship-programs or contact our office (705-743-7671 | info@farmsatwork.ca).