Tweed, 24 Acres, three titles, 2 road front, and 15+ for animals

Tweed, 24 Acres, three titles, 2 road front, and 15+ for animals
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Edith Baragar
647 567 5236
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Pasture for a long time
Water Source (i.e. pond, dug/drilled well)
We've been hanging onto 3 adjacent properties that we are willing to part with. There are two one acre road front properties walking distance from Tweed and across the road from the Moira river. On the back 22 acre property, there are 3 fields and a forested area. Part of the forested area is low wet land. At least one of the front properties has to be sold with the back property. We'd be willing to sell one front property and lease the back property, protecting any investments you make on your own property and allowing for livestock. The neighbour might be willing to sell but he has not said this much (then you wouldn't have to build). There are two drilled wells. There is a local dairy farmer that has been haying the properties. Willing to sell for a little under market value if we can figure out what that would be. Pictures, survey etc available on request.
Short-term Lease
Sell one acre, lease back property is an affordable option.